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Monday, November 9, 2009

This is a free XML Blogger template design by me, Lauren Thompson. Download this template here, from my blog Nymphont. I titled this template simply "Nymphont Style," because it is loosely based on the style that I use on the Nymphont blog in some form or another.

This template can be customized right from the Blogger dashboard, allowing you to easily change the font styles, sizes and colors as well as the colors of many sections.

Modification to the template code is also allowed,  the only requirement is that the link back to Nymphont located in the bottom footer (#nymphont section of code) must remain in tact and not be removed, thank you very much.

The double quotes around the blog title are in fact added to the code, meaning that they will automatically enclose your blog title when uploaded. Should you not want these double quotes on your blog, first you must open the template in the dashboard HTML editor and check the box labled: "Expand Widget Templates." Then search for and remove the following 2 small-pieces of code (the following bits of code occur two times each, so be sure that you have deleted a total of four pieces of code):
I suggest then previewing your blog to be sure the code has been successfully removed, and then proceed savomg your edits to the  blog.

The social network sharing icons in the top right sidebar are fully functional upon uploading as well. They will reflect your blog's URL for sharing with/submission to it's corresponding social network. That way visitors can easily store/submit/share and save your blog which is a great way to bring some more traffic as well as retain a return visitor to your blog.

These icons could also be useful to link to your own profiles on those networks, to do so, search for 'share' in the code and you will find the URL's that you can replace should you prefer to do that.

Images are included so this template will be functional upon uploading to Blogger with free image hosting from tinypic.com allowing direct linking. However if you have your own image hosting service you may download the images from here so that you can host the images yourself. Read this post if you would like to host the images at your own server for instructions on how to reflect this in the code and find the images in the code.

I hope you like this template. Feel free to contact me if you need any assistance using this template.


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