CSS Styling Examples

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This is a free Blogger template design by Lauren Thompson. If you would like to download this template, get it from my blog. This post provides examples of the various styles for text in this template. The image reading: „Nymphont Style” free blogger template xml, should be positioned to the right of this text, displaying the float element of the template.

Below is an example of an unordered list:
  • The Smashing Pumpkins rawk
  • Type O Negative are also awesome
  • Lacuna Coil kick arse
  • Those are a few bands I like

This is italic text. This is bold text This is linked text.

This is a blockquote. Does anyone ever use blockquotes? I do actually!

This template even has pretty styling for the "status-message," a class that is often overlooked and left un-styled in many templates. Shhh! Let's let that be our little secret though!

I hope you like this template. If you need any assistance with this template feel free to contact me.

How to Replace Images

Monday, November 9, 2009

Images in this template are included so this template will be fully functional upon uploading to Blogger. However, it is recommended that those with access to an image hosting service download the images and upload them to that host. This is because the images in this template are stored at tinypic.com which does allow plenty of bandwidth, however not unlimited bandwidth.

About this Template...

This is a free XML Blogger template design by me, Lauren Thompson. Download this template here, from my blog Nymphont. I titled this template simply "Nymphont Style," because it is loosely based on the style that I use on the Nymphont blog in some form or another.
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