Images in this template are included so this template will be fully functional upon uploading to Blogger. However, it is recommended that those with access to an image hosting service download the images and upload them to that host. This is because the images in this template are stored at tinypic.com which does allow plenty of bandwidth, however not unlimited bandwidth.

Images can be downloaded from here. Edit the URL's of the images in Blogger's HTML editor to reflect their corresponding URL's at your server. There are four main images you should do this to: the body background image, the post background image (#main-wrapper in the code), sidebar header background image (located in the #sidebar1 h2 , #sidebar2 h2, #sidebar3 h2 section of code) and the footer background image which is located in the #footer-wrapper section of code.

Then there are the five social network sharing icons in the top of the right sidebar. The image URL's to be changed can be found by searching for 'share' in your code. Identify which images relate to which URL by their alt tags which name the social network i.e 'Delicious' or 'Digg.'

Lastly, the search box also in the top of the right sidebar is a 'magnifying-glass' icon is used in place of the submit button. The magnifying glass image is in the section of code below that for the search box and can be found easily by searching for the 'search-btn' in the code. Replace the existing URL with that of it's corresponding URL at your server.

Still, it is not required that you do change the image URL's as they are stored in an account that allows direct linking, and the images will be stored there permanently and I will do my best to ensure they continue working.

And the template is styled to look nice even with the images removed altogether, which would allow for even more customizing and make doing so even easier, as you would not be limited to selecting colors to match the images and so forth.

If you need any assistance with this template feel free to contact me and I will gladly assist you. I hope you like it!


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